Bob and Mary

Bob & Mary's story3

Bob & Mary are retired and thankful for the good life and excellent health they have. It wasn't always this way.  When they were in their 40's, Bob & Mary ran a successful business that afforded them an enviable lifestyle - but they were paying a price.  Both were overweight and no longer active. Their family doctor warned them they were at risk for various health problems including Type 2 diabetes.   

When Bob & Mary sold their business - they invested the profits - and most importantly, they invested in their health.  Now, in their 60's, they each exercise every day and have a healthy body mass index (BMI), normal blood glucose and cholesterol levels.  One of Bob & Mary's favorite morning pastimes is to cycle in the hills near their home.  They each carry a water bottle filled with Glucose Health® Daily Blood Sugar Maintenance.  

Why Glucose Health® and not a sports drink? Bob & Mary's doctor warned them to be careful with sodium and they discovered to their surprise that many sports drinks have more sodium than is recommended. 

Glucose Health® Daily Blood Sugar Maintenance is a pleasant-tasting sweet tea mix with an important difference!  Some clinical studies indicate the essential ingredients in Glucose Health® may help you maintain healthy blood sugar, triglycerides and cholesterol plus regular digestive health. To learn more, please refer to the Glucose Health® formula section of our website - click here.    

Glucose Health® is for proactive persons committed to healthy living - like Bob & Mary - and you!  

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