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About GlucoDown®

Better nutrition along with a daily commitment to a more active lifestyle and normal body weight is key to maintaining healthy blood sugar and regular digestive health. Every nutritious but still delicious serving of GlucoDown® Diabetic Friendly Tea and Drink Mixes has no sugar, no caffeine and is a good source of soluble dietary fiber.

Certain clinical studies suggest the unique form of soluble fiber in GlucoDown® may help: slow your body's absorption of dietary sugars; moderate rising blood sugar levels after-meals; and maintain regular digestive health. GlucoDown® is additionally enriched with targeted vitamins, bioavailable minerals like Chromium and Zinc Picolinate, and Banaba Leaf.

To learn more about all the ingredients in GlucoDown® click "How It Works".

GlucoDown® is available in-store at select Walmart and CVS pharmacies. Look in the diabetic supplies aisle on the middle shelf. 

For the best selection of all eight GlucoDown® Diabetic Friendly Tea & Drink Mix flavors, visit the GlucoDown® Amazon store click here!